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2econd Family

"Second Family” isn’t just a catchy slogan for our High School ministry - it is a deeply held belief that God has created us to live in community. The name comes from God’s design for His people to become a spiritual body, or another family. 

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, God is calling you to rise up and take the next step of faith, but He's not calling you to do it alone. He has given you a second family.


Through the programs, our high school students are challenged to do more than just “go to church.” They are challenged to join a movement, to change not just their own lives but their families, their schools, and their community. They are called to come together and be a different type of people - they are the "Second Family."

Who / What / When

Sunday Night (6-8pm) is our large-group meeting that is designed to have a friendly, fun, challenging and exciting atmosphere. This program shatters the “church is boring” stereotype and helps students celebrate life.


Each week is a little bit different, but you can expect a night filled with laughter, antics, games, worship and a message that moves students toward spiritual maturity.  

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