The time has come for us to bring some new elders on board. Our elders are an important part of the leadership of our church. They provide accountability for senior staff, spiritual leadership for our congregation and practical wisdom in the operations of our ministry.

Your prayers and input are very important to this process. We would ask every member of our congregation to be praying for these elder candidates as they make a sacrificial commitment to help lead our congregation in the direction of God's calling. We would also like to ask for any feedback you have regarding any of the candidates.

You may use this form to send your feedback directly to our head elder, Bob Goins, for review. The form will remain open until December 29th at noon. If you have any questions about the process for selecting and training elders, please talk to a staff member or current elder.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the ministry of our church and for supporting those God has called to lead us into our community in order to help our neighbors find and follow Jesus!

Cullin lynch

jon harvey