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New Elder candidates

The time has come for us to bring some new elders on board. Our elders are an important part of the leadership of our church. They provide accountability for senior staff, spiritual leadership for our congregation and practical wisdom in the operations of our ministry. 


​Your prayers and input are very important to this process. We would ask every member of our congregation to be praying for these elder candidates as they make a sacrificial commitment to help lead our congregation in the direction of God's calling.   

The candidates are listed below.  If you have any questions or concerns about the candidates, please email Devin Dummel at


Bob Goins

Bob is married to Tina and they have one daughter, Chloe.  They have lived in Pendleton since 2004 and have been members of PCC since 2006.  Tina and Chloe are part of the worship team and Bob currently serves on the First Impressions Team.  Bob was previously an Elder for several years.

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