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Our strategy for spiritual growth in Kids Ministry focuses on spiritual growth for the next generation. It is our goal to partner with parents, providing tools and support to navigate and celebrate these significant moments in the spiritual life of a child.

Milestones coming soon:  Baby, Bible, The Talk and Graduation


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Child Dedication

“For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has given me my petition which I asked of Him.  So I have also dedicated him to the Lord; as long as he lives he is dedicated to the Lord.” - 1 Samuel 1:27-28


Child dedication is a beautiful Milestone in the life of a family and a church and one celebrated at PCC.  Parents choose to present their young children before the church and acknowledge God’s sovereignty over the child and themselves.  The church agrees to come alongside and partner with them as they raise the child to know Christ as their Savior. 

Contact: Amanda Berkebile, Kids Ministry Director

 "Kindergarten Kick-up", is an annual milestone event offered before the start of a new school year.  Our event this year will be July 28th from 2pm-4pm.

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 The "Kick-up" is specifically tailored for this age group and will help them discover more about their faith.  At the event, families will experience multiple hands-on learning stations that will teach about key topics relevant to this life stage.  

Contact: Amanda Berkebile, Kids Ministry Director

Bible Milestone

​The Bible Milestone is a two year class offered to 4th and 5th graders on Sunday mornings.


During this class, preteens will discover the overarching story of the Bible and dig deeper into each book of the Bible. The class involves an opening activity, a lesson, and time for preteens to think individually on what they just learned. 

Contact: Amanda Berkebile, Kids Ministry Director 

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Kids Splash

Baptism is a huge Milestone in the life of a Christ follower and one we believe needs to be celebrated!  

We have created a guide for your family to work through together.  We also offer Kids Splash classes held throughout the year.

Either way you choose, we want to partner with you and your family as your child grows in their faith. 

Contact: Amanda Berkebile, Kids Ministry Director

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