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A Sabbatical is a strategic season of rest designed to allow our Pastors to step away from their day-to-day duties at the church and provide space and time so that they can find rest and renewal.  It might shock you but Pastors are people too and sometimes in order to lead the church they let their own spiritual health slip.  Sabbatical is one of the ways that we care for our Pastors and one of the ways that we proactively care for the health of the Church.  For more information about Sabbaticals and how they work at PCC watch the videos below.


Question # 1

What is a sabbatical?

Question # 3

How often do sabbaticals happen?

Question # 2

Why are sabbaticals important?

Question # 4

Who will preach while Devin is on Sabbatical?

If you have any additional questions about the practice of Sabbatical at PCC or any questions about Pastor Devin's upcoming Sabbatical you can contact the elders at

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