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Thank you for your generosity!

Based on feedback we've gotten about our online giving being difficult to use, we're now offering a new and improved way to give online which will make it easier for you to give and to access information about your giving.

While we're excited about this new technology and would like for everyone to give it a try, we understand that some of you are already set up and accustomed to the E-Give option we've been using. For the next several months, you are welcome to continue using this option.

Eventually, we'd like to have everybody use the new system. If you need help getting set up or have questions about why we're making this switch, we'd love to have a conversation with you and assist any way we can.

You can contact Chris Rexroat directly at 765-778-2156, ext. 105, or You may also send us a message through the website or our Facebook page and we'll get in contact with you.

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