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Friday, January 20th & Saturday, January 21st @ PCC

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Harmony- Together is Better

God created us for relationships. From the very beginning of the Bible, we see how important it is to have wise people in our life who help us understand how to honor God with our actions. When God sent Jesus, we were able to see the best example of friendship ever. Jesus showed us how much He loves us as He laid down His life for His friends. With His words and actions, Jesus showed friendship to everyone He met. We can reflect Jesus’ love best when we take time to care for our friends.


Driven-What's Inside Matters Most

God is always good.  Since the very beginning, God has been faithful and true.  If God makes a promise, God keeps that promise.  We are created in God's image...and when we live with integrity, we reflect God's integrity.  When Jesus lived on earth, He lived a perfect life and showed integrity in ways we can't because of our sin.  Jesus makes it possible for us to live as new creations.  Through the Holy Spirit, we are being transformed into people of integity.  Who we are in private should match who we are in public.  When we trust in God, we can make the wise choice and be truthful in whatever we say and do.

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